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Violin Sizing Guidelines

Violin Sizing Guidelines

This is EXTREMELY important!

When you go shopping for your new instrument you’ll realize there are different sizes. Adults generally use what is called a ‘Full Size’ or 4/4 violin. For growing children, it’s not so easy. I recommend for my students that are “in between sizes” that they go to the larger size. This enables them to adapt to the instrument and they will not feel so “cramped”. Also, they will grow into the larger model rather outgrow completely the smaller one.

Watch the video below for more information:

To recap what the video said: Have the student hold the instrument under their chin as if they were going to play. Then have them reach under their instrument and place the left hand around the scroll so that it is resting in their palm. If the elbow is locked out or the arm is straight with little to no bend then the instrument is too big and a smaller size should be fitted. If there is less than a 135 degree bend then the instrument is too small. A good fit will have a left arm that is comfortably bent at approximately 135 to 145 degrees.

Here are some metrics to aide you in finding the proper size:

Length Violin – Student Age

  • 23 4/4 – 11 to adult
  • 22 3/4 – 10 – 11
  • 20 2/4 – 8 – 9
  • 18.5 1/4 – 6 – 7

(This is a general estimation on size. Every child is different and can vary from proposed sizes)

If you physically go to a retailer to purchase your instrument, have the strings specialist help fit you. After you are fitted to an instrument then you can choose what color, make and model of violin you would like to purchase from what is available to you.

Happy Playing! – Amy Marbut

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