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Choosing Your First Instrument

Choosing Your First Instrument

Now that you know what makes a good violin, it’s time to dive a bit deeper and get all the information you need to choose your instrument.

  1. Rent or Purchase?
    Both have their advantages and many retailers will often allow you to rent and apply the monthly rental fees towards the purchase of an instrument. If you are renting for your child who is still growing then make sure that the store will allow you to apply your rental payments towards the purchase of a larger instrument in the future. I often recommend renting if the student is a child and is expected to grow out of the instrument or if you are uncertain if you or the child will want to continue playing long term.
  2. What model/brand?
    If you are just beginning and do not have prior experience with violins then I also recommend beginning on a cheaper model especially if finances are an issue. Amazon.com has plently of beginner violin “kits” at affordable costs. Second hand stores are also a great place to locate cheaper instruments. Should you invest in a less expensive beginner student model you will need to eventually upgrade your instrument to one that is more refined. This could take up to several years but depends highly on the student’s motivation to learn and practice.

Here is a list of some retailers and places you can find violins:
Sam Ash Music: http://samashmusic.com/portal/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com
Craig’s List: www.craigslist.org
And of course your local music store!

Recommended Violin Brands:
TYGENN USA, Yamaha, Cremona, Scherl & Roth
Glaesel, Stagg, William Lewis, Rossetti, Anton Breton.

**If you rent you will be at the mercy of what the retailer has in stock for you to use.
It is important to try out several instruments and pick the one that is best suited for you.

Happy Playing! – Amy Marbut

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